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Performance is what we do. Looking to make a little more power with your daily driver or looking to build a big horsepower drag race car. We are your one stop for start to finish. Bolt on performance, superchargers, turbos, nitrous, brakes, clutch upgrades, transmission upgrades, and suspension modifications, we can help your car set itself apart from the competition. Our experience with these modern muscle cars can help guide you with putting packages together. 



Our SAE certified mechanics can keep your car running as good as new. Whether its a clunk, clank, pop, or knock. Expect that you are in good hands we  treat each repair with the golden rule in mind. Safety and reliabty are paramount, when you pick up your car we want to restore not only the vehicle but your confidence in your transportation to get you where you need to go.



​All too often in todays busy life its easy to forget about  comon routine maintenance in your car, but it if left overlooked a basic low cost preventative repair can snowball into a major costly mistake. Give us a call and have us schedule you in.



No matter how mild or wild your desire to increase the potential we can make it happen. From big lopey camshafts, headers, bolt on accessories, suspension, or drivetrain upgrades. With so many choices and applications it can be mind boggling. Take advantage or our expertise in the performance and racing industry and let us help map out your upgrade or build process.

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