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Performance is what we do. Looking to make a little more power with your daily driver or looking to build a big horsepower drag race car. We are your one stop for start to finish. Bolt on performance, superchargers, turbos, nitrous, brakes, clutch upgrades, transmission upgrades, and suspension modifications, we can help your car set itself apart from the competition. Our experience with these modern muscle cars can help guide you with putting packages together.

Custom Fabrication


Taking dreams and making them! Custom one off turbo kits, custom headers, intake manifolds, exhaust systems, and so much more. Let our certified welders and reputable fabrication team provide you high quality AMERICAN built solutions for your car, motorcycle, industrial, or manufacturing needs.

Engine Swap


Have a dream of updating your classic with a modern engine and drivetrain, how about your modern Japanese or European import? The widely known and reputable LS/LT  engine is a great choice for horsepower and reliability. Modern EFI driveability, efficiency, and reliability with even fewer leaks than the traditional small block or big block are all great reasons to choose to update your project. Our swaps are designed to be tailored to your needs and goals. 


Mopar and Ford fans we have you covered too, whether its a coyote, godzilla 7.3, HEMI, or Hellcat swap we know those too. 

Engine Builds


When you are ready to push beyond the limits of your stock engine, need to freshen up your previous build, or even a total overhaul back to factory specs. You will rest assured with our meticulous process of blueprinting and balancing combined with better than a decade of experience with building reliable record breaking engines. We strictly specialize in LS/ LT performance builds from naturally aspirated to boost or nitrous.

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